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 Andrei  Ivanov Andrei Ivanov
1775-1848 Russian Andrei Ivanov Gallery
 Eugene Isabey Eugene Isabey
1803-1886 French Eugene Isabey Galleries
 Jozef  Israels Jozef Israels
1824-1911 Dutch Jozef Israels Gallery
 Philippe-Augustin Immenraet Philippe-Augustin Immenraet
1627-1679 Flemish Philippe Augustin Immenraet Gallery
Abu l Faraj al Isfahani Abu l Faraj al Isfahani
Tenth century
Adriaen Isenbrandt Adriaen Isenbrandt
Flemish Northern Renaissance Painter, ca.1500-1551
Alexander Ivanov Alexander Ivanov
1806-1858 Russian Alexander Ivanov Galleries
Alexandr Ivanov Alexandr Ivanov
Russian, 1806-1858
Arkhip Ivanovich Kuindzhi Arkhip Ivanovich Kuindzhi
Russian Painter, 1842-1910
Arthur Ignatius Keller Arthur Ignatius Keller
American , 1866-1924
Bernardino india Bernardino india
Italian Emilian painter , 1528-1590
Charles Green,RI Charles Green,RI
Cranach, Lucas il Vecchio Cranach, Lucas il Vecchio
German tedesco, 1472-1553
Eanger Irving Couse Eanger Irving Couse
American Painter , b.1866 d.1936
Feuer im Dorf Feuer im Dorf
painted Feuer im Dorf in1854
George Inness George Inness
1825-1894 George Inness Galleries
Girolamo Induno Girolamo Induno
13/12/1825 - 18/12/1890
Hafiz i Abru Hafiz i Abru
the period of 1465-1535
Henry Inman Henry Inman
American Painter, 1801-1846
Hippolyte Petitjean Hippolyte Petitjean
Hippolyte Petitjean (1854 - 1929)
IBBETSON, Julius Caesar IBBETSON, Julius Caesar
English Painter, 1759-1817
Ignacio Pinazo Ignacio Pinazo
Ignacio Pinazo Camarlench Ignacio Pinazo Camarlench
Spanish painter , 1849-1916
Ignacio Zuloaga Ignacio Zuloaga
Spanish Painter, 1870-1945
Ignacio Zuloaga y Zabaleta Ignacio Zuloaga y Zabaleta
July 26, 1870 - October 31, 1945
ignaz moscheles ignaz moscheles
Period: Romantic (1820-1869) Country: Germany/Czech Rep. Born: May 23, 1794 in Prague Died: March 10, 1870 in Leipzig Genres: Concerto, Keyboard Music
Ignazio Danti Ignazio Danti
IL Pensionante del saraceni IL Pensionante del saraceni
active 1610-1620s in Rome
Il Pordenone Il Pordenone
(c. 1484 - 1539), was an Italian painter of the Venetian school, active during the Renaissance. Vasari, his main biographer, identifies him as Giovanni Antonio Licinio. He was commonly named il Pordenone from having been born in 1483 at Corticelli, a small village near Pordenone in Friuli. He ultimately dropped the name of Licinio, having quarrelled with his brothers, one of whom had wounded him in the hand; he then called himself Regillo, or De Regillo. Others say he once took up his maternal name of Cuticelli[1] His signature runs Antonius Portunaensis, or De Portunaonis. He was knighted as a cavaliere by Charles V. As a painter, Pordenone was a scholar of Pellegrino da San Daniele, but a leading influence of his style was Giorgione; the popular story that he was a fellow-pupil with Titian under Giovanni Bellini is false. It was claimed that Pordenone's first commission was given him by a grocer in his home town, to try his boast that he could paint a picture as the priest commenced High Mass, and complete it by the time Mass was over; he completed the picture in the required time.[2] The district about Pordenone had been somewhat fertile in capable painters; but Pordenone is the best known, a vigorous chiaroscurist and flesh painter. The 1911 Britannica states that "so far as mere flesh-painting is concerned he was barely inferior to Titian in breadth, pulpiness and tone". The two were rivals for a time, and Licinio would sometimes affect to wear arms while he was painting. He excelled in portraits; he was equally at home in fresco and in oil-color. He executed many works in Pordenone and elsewhere in Friuli, Cremona, and Venice; at one time he settled in Piacenza, where one of his most celebrated church pictures, St. Catherine disputing with the Doctors in Alexandria is located; the figure of St. Paul in connection with this picture is his own portrait.
Ilia Efimovich Repin Ilia Efimovich Repin
impression artist Russian, 1844?C1930
Ilya Ostroukhov Ilya Ostroukhov
1858-1929. Was a Russian painter. Ostroukhov was born to a rich family. In 1885, Ostroukhov joined the Association of Travelling Art Exhibitions. Ostroukhov was primarily a landscape painter.
Ilya Repin Ilya Repin
Ukrainian-born Russian Realist Painter, 1844-1930
Ingeborg Westfelt-Eggertz Ingeborg Westfelt-Eggertz
painted Morning - Trouville in 1855-1936
Inigo Jones Inigo Jones
English Baroque Era Architect, 1573-1652
Inman Henry Inman Henry
American portrait, genre, and landscape painter, 1801-1846
Ion Andreescu Ion Andreescu
n. 15 februarie 1850, Bucuresti ?? d. 22 octombrie 1882, Bucuresti
Ion Theodorescu Sion Ion Theodorescu Sion
Ion Theodorescu-Sion (1882-1939). Alternative names Onu Soare Teodor. Romanian painter.
Irving R.Wiles Irving R.Wiles
American Painter, 1861-1948
Isaac Cruikshank Isaac Cruikshank
English Illustrator, ca.1756-1811
Isaac Fuller Isaac Fuller
Isaac Grunewald Isaac Grunewald
Swedish, 1889-1946

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