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Johann Heinrich Fuseli

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Bild inrätta & Olja Måleriet Rikta Från Porslinet Fabriken.







  KONSTNÄR: Johann Heinrich Fuseli
Oljemålningar: Portrait of a Young Woman
101 x 127 cm Institue of Arts, Detroit This portrait is painted on the reverse of the Nightmare. The portrait is generally believed to be of the woman Fuseli loved, Anna Landolt, who was a niece of the Zerich physiologist Johann Caspar Lavater (1741-1801). Lavater and Fuseli were close friends, but Fuseli's suit was rejected by Anna's parents, and it may not be coincidence that the portrait is on the reverse of his painting The Nightmare. Artist: FUSELI, John Henry Title: Portrait of a Young Woman , painting Date: 1751-1800 Swiss : portrait
Måleriet Identifieringen : 62845
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Johann Heinrich Fuseli Portrait of a Young Woman

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