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     Artist Introduction: (1851-1915) was a Danish realist painter who from an early age became a member of the Skagen group of painters. Even before he began his studies at the Royal Danish Academy of Art in 1872, he was encouraged by Holger Drachmann to spend a couple of months in Skagen, the artists colony in the far north of Jutland. He quickly completed paintings of the beach, some with fishing boats or wrecks. He also became interested in the horse-drawn carriage which travelled along the beach on its journey from Frederikshavn. In the 1870s, Locher continued his studies in Paris but he visited Skagen whenever he was back in Denmark. Ultimately he had a house built there where he lived until his death.

carl locher vinterstuga-i vinterstuga china oil painting artist

vinterstuga-i vinterstuga
Painting ID::  66420
  akvarell och gouache 1890 se

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