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     Artist Introduction: 1535-1574 Flemish Joachim Beuckelaer Galleries b Antwerp, c. 1534; dAntwerp, c. 1574). Flemish painter. He came from an Antwerp family of obscure painters and seems to have spent his entire life there. He trained in the studio of Pieter Aertsen, who in 1542 had married Beuckelaers aunt; he became an independent master and also married in 1560. His earliest known work dates from that year, and his development can be followed closely to 1570. The example of Beuckelaers master remained decisive throughout his career. Not only did he take over Aertsens new repertory of secular subjects, he also completely adopted his stylistic idiom and manner of painting, so that it can be difficult to distinguish the two hands. Beuckelaer was, however, by no means a slavish imitator, and as regards execution he fully bears comparison with Aertsen.

Joachim Beuckelaer Vegetable Seller china oil painting artist

Vegetable Seller
Painting ID::  91318
  second half of 16th century Medium oil on panel Dimensions Height: 111.2 cm (43.8 in). Width: 81.6 cm (32.1 in). cyf

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