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     Artist Introduction: (30 May 1862 - 6 August 1905) was a Slovene painter and teacher. He was born in a peasant family in the small Carniolan village of Dolenčice near Škofja Loka in Austria-Hungary (today, in Slovenia). At first he studied art in Ljubljana under the supervision of Janez Wolf who introduced him to the style of the Nazarene movement. At the age of twenty he went to Vienna, where he attended the Akademie der bildenden K??nste. In 1884 he moved to Munich. Initially he attended the Munich Academy of Fine Arts, but in 1885 he left it in order to join the private painting school of Ludwig von Löfftz. In 1892, he established his own school which soon became known under the name of Azbe-Schule and became one of the most renowned painting schools for young artists in the Bavarian capital. Several famous painters, particularly those who arrived to Munich from Slavic countries, attended Ažbe's school, including Wassily Kandinsky, Alexej von Jawlensky, Rihard Jakopič and Nadežda Petrović.

Anton Azbe V ateljeju china oil painting artist

V ateljeju
Painting ID::  96525
  by 1905(1905) Medium oil on cardboard Dimensions 35 X 46.7 cm cyf

Height    Width

  INS/CM       Quality



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