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     Artist Introduction: Italian c1421-1457 Andrea del Castagno Location Italian c1421-1457 Andrea del Castagno Location Italian painter. He was the most influential 15th-century Florentine master, after Masaccio, of the realistic rendering of the figure and the representation of the human body as a three-dimensional solid by means of contours. By translating into the terms of painting the statues of the Florentine sculptors Nanni di Banco and Donatello, Castagno set Florentine painting on a course dominated by line (the Florentine tradition of disegno), the effect of relief and the sculptural depiction of the figure that became its distinctive trait throughout the Italian Renaissance, a trend that culminated in the art of Michelangelo.

Andrea del Castagno The Evanglists luke and john china oil painting artist

The Evanglists luke and john
Painting ID::  41201
  mk157 1442 Fresco

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