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     Artist Introduction: 1829-1891 .English painter. He was taught by John 'Spanish' Phillip and began his career painting portraits and Spanish subjects, such as Dialogus diversus (1873; priv. col., see Quick, p. 10). However, he became successful and rich with very large historical and biblical subjects such as the Babylonian Marriage Market (1875; Egham, U. London, Royal Holloway & Bedford New Coll.), which changed hands in his lifetime for immense sums. His choice of subject-matter was indebted to the example of Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema, while his style closely resembles that of Edward Armitage. His success enabled him to commission two houses (1878 and 1887), both in Hampstead, from Richard Norman Shaw. He was elected ARA in 1876 and RA in 1881.

Edwin long,R.A. The Daughters of Our Empire. England The Primrose china oil painting artist

The Daughters of Our Empire. England The Primrose
Painting ID::  92509
  1887(1887) Medium oil on canvas Dimensions 127 X 83.8 cm (50 X 33 in) cjr

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