All Willem Drost 's Paintings

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Usually people can find a painting's picture with different colors. We just upload all of them here.
They are just the options for you and you can choose the best one or the one with your favorite colors.


Choice ID Image  Painting (From A to Z)    Details
Batsheba met de brief van koning David Willem Drost
 Batsheba met de brief van koning David   Technique Oil on canvas Dimensions 103 cm ?? 87 cm
Das Opfer des Manoah Willem Drost
 Das Opfer des Manoah   1641(1641) Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions Deutsch: 242 x 283 cm cjr
Portrait of a man in a red kolpak. Willem Drost
 Portrait of a man in a red kolpak.   c. 1654(1654) Medium oil on canvas Dimensions 89.5 X 68.5 cm (35.2 X 27 in) cjr
Ruth declares her Loyalty to Naomi (mk33) Willem Drost
 Ruth declares her Loyalty to Naomi (mk33)   Canvas 87x71cm Oxford,Ashmolean Museum
Self-Portrait Willem Drost
 Self-Portrait   mk52 c.1662 Oil on canvas 72x64cm
The Vision of Daniel (mk33) Willem Drost
 The Vision of Daniel (mk33)   canvas 98.5x119cm Berlin
Willem Drost, Willem Drost
 Willem Drost,   Willem Drost, Bathsheba, 1654, oil on canvas, Louvre

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