All Renard Emile 's Paintings

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Usually people can find a painting's picture with different colors. We just upload all of them here.
They are just the options for you and you can choose the best one or the one with your favorite colors.


Choice ID Image  Painting (From A to Z)    Details
Le Gouter Renard Emile
 Le Gouter   Toile H.1.05 L.1.37 Musee d'Hazebrouck
The Rest Renard Emile
 The Rest   mk221 1883 Oil on canvas 182.2x139.9cm
Vanitas Renard Emile
 Vanitas   52 x 44 cm Mus?e des Beaux-Arts, Marseille The artist specialized in complex 'Vanitas' pieces of dramatic clarity. The general influence on his art is Netherlandish, and it is likely that his unsigned pictures are still classified under the Northern schools. Most of his pictures are dominated by a grisly skull surrounded by numerous other indications of the brevity of life. He was received into the French Academy in 1663 as a portraitist

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