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Annunciation Mainardi, Sebastiano
 Annunciation   1482 Fresco Loggia del Comune, Collegiata, San Gimignano It was supposedly Bastiano Mainardi, using the design of his brother-in-law, Domenico Ghirlandaio, who painted this fresco of Annunciation about 1482 in his native town of San Gimignano. This is largely a poor imitation of Leonardo's famous Annunciation. Only the lectern, the details of which are reminiscent of Flemish still-lifes, shows originality. The detail shows the left side of the fresco depcting the Angel. Author: MAINARDI, Bastiano Title: Annunciation (detail) , 1451-1500 , Italian Form: painting , religious
Virgin Adoring the Child with Two Angels Mainardi, Sebastiano
 Virgin Adoring the Child with Two Angels   Approx. 1490s Panel.

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