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The Concert in BIJLERT, Jan van
 The Concert in   1635-40 Oil on canvas Private collection
Ulysses and Circe BIJLERT, Jan van
 Ulysses and Circe   Oil on panel, 51 x 81 cm
Ulysses and Circe - Oil on panel BIJLERT, Jan van
 Ulysses and Circe - Oil on panel   51 x 81 cm Private collection The present painting depicts an episode from the Odyssey (Bk 10). On their journey home after the Trojan War, Ulysses and his companions came upon the island of the sorceress, Circe. With a magic potion, she transformed the men into swine; however Ulysses, having been forewarned by Mercury and having taken an antidote, was able to resist her magic. The present painting depicts the moment when Circe lifts her wand to touch Ulysses and activate the spell
Venus and Amor and an old Woman BIJLERT, Jan van
 Venus and Amor and an old Woman   1630s Oil on canvas

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