All Alessandro Allori 's Paintings

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Choice ID Image  Painting (From A to Z)    Details
Camilla Martelli Alessandro Allori
 Camilla Martelli   oil on panel 66.5 x 51.5 cm Date 16th century cjr
Christ with Mary and Martha Alessandro Allori
 Christ with Mary and Martha   Christ with Mary and Martha, oil on wood, 125 x 118 cm Kunsthistorisches Museum
Portrait of a Woman Alessandro Allori
 Portrait of a Woman   Portrait of a Woman (Bianca Cappello?) Oil on copper, 37 x 27 cm Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence
Portrait of a Young Man Alessandro Allori
 Portrait of a Young Man   Date second half of 16th century Medium Oil on canvas transferred from wood Dimensions Height: 117 cm (46.1 in). Width: 87.5 cm (34.4 in). cjr
Portrait of Bianca Cappello Alessandro Allori
 Portrait of Bianca Cappello   Date 16th century Medium Oil cjr
Portrait of Eleonora Alessandro Allori
 Portrait of Eleonora   Medium Oil on panel Dimensions Expression error: Missing operand for *114.5 ?? 89.5 cm
Portrait of Francesco de' Medici. Alessandro Allori
 Portrait of Francesco de' Medici.   c. 1560(1560) Medium oil on canvas Dimensions 98 X 79 cm (38.6 X 31.1 in) cjr
Portrat Isabella de Medicis Alessandro Allori
 Portrat Isabella de Medicis   from 1575(1575) until 1599(1599) Medium oil on panel Dimensions 56 x 44 cm (22 x 17.3 in) cjr
Sagrada Familia Alessandro Allori
 Sagrada Familia   1602(1602) Medium oil on canvas Dimensions 148 X 114 cm cyf
Susanna and The Elders Alessandro Allori
 Susanna and The Elders   second half of 16th century Medium Oil on canvas cyf
Venus and Cupid Alessandro Allori
 Venus and Cupid   Date second half of 16th century Medium Oil on wood cjr
Venus disarming Cupid Alessandro Allori
 Venus disarming Cupid   ca. 1570(1570) Medium Oil on panel Dimensions 137.9 x 226.1 cm (54.3 x 89 in) cyf
Venus disarming Cupid. Alessandro Allori
 Venus disarming Cupid.   ca. 1570(1570) Oil on panel 137.9 x 226.1 cm (54.3 x 89 in) cjr
With the red dog lady Alessandro Allori
 With the red dog lady   mk261 1580 -1585 oil painting in canvas 112 x 90 cm

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