All Adolf Schreyer 's Paintings

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Usually people can find a painting's picture with different colors. We just upload all of them here.
They are just the options for you and you can choose the best one or the one with your favorite colors.


Choice ID Image  Painting (From A to Z)    Details
An Ottoman encampment Adolf Schreyer
 An Ottoman encampment   Oil on canvas. 79.5 x 107 cm Date 1855(1855) cyf
Arab Horseemen on the March Adolf Schreyer
 Arab Horseemen on the March   mk221 1872 Oil on canvas 81.3x64.8cm
Arab Horsemen on the March Adolf Schreyer
 Arab Horsemen on the March   mk221 Oil on cavnas 48.3x83.8cm
Arabic horsemen Adolf Schreyer
 Arabic horsemen   MK178 1856-1899 oil on linen

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