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St Agatha
1630-33 Oil on canvas Mus??e Fabre, Montpellier
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ZURBARAN  Francisco de St Agatha
ZURBARAN Francisco de:. St Agatha
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ZURBARAN Francisco de:
Spanish Baroque Era Painter, 1598-1664 Spanish painter. He was apprenticed in 1614 to a painter in Sevilla (Seville), where he lived until 1658 when he moved to Madrid. He had a few royal commissions but remained throughout his life a provincial painter of religious pictures. His apostles, saints, and monks are painted with almost sculptural modeling, and his emphasis on the minutiae of their dress lends verisimilitude to their miracles, visions, and ecstasies. This distinctive combination of naturalism with religious sensibility conforms to the guidelines for Counter-Reformation artists outlined by the Council of Trent. He had numerous commissions from monasteries and churches throughout southern Spain, and many of his works were sent to Lima, Peru.
St Agatha
1630-33 Oil on canvas Mus??e Fabre, Montpellier

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