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St. Peter dg
c. 1530 Oil on wood, 213 x 231,3 cm Vasco Museum, Viseu
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FERNANDES, Vasco St. Peter dg
FERNANDES, Vasco:. St. Peter dg
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Portuguese painter (active 1500-1542 in Viseu) Portuguese painter. He was the leading painter of northern Portugal during the first half of the 16th century, and it is probable that he received his training abroad. Fernandes is the best-documented Portuguese artist of the period; there are nearly 100 works attributed to him, some of which are securely documented and record his activity either alone or in collaboration with the Viseu painter GASPAR VAZ. Fernandes's most important work was carried out in Lamego and in Viseu, where the term Gr?o ('Great') used in praise of him is first recorded (Ribeiro Botelho Pereira). In 1753 the Director of the Dresden Gallery, Pietro Guarienti, first used the epithet when he referred to Fernandes by the name of Gran Vasco. The many myths about the painter and his work developed from this date and were not clarified until 1846
St. Peter dg
c. 1530 Oil on wood, 213 x 231,3 cm Vasco Museum, Viseu

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