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Still-Life with a Skull jg
Oil on panel, 28 x 37 cm Mus??e de Tess??, Le Mans
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CERUTI, Giacomo Still-Life with a Skull  jg
CERUTI, Giacomo:. Still-Life with a Skull jg
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CERUTI, Giacomo:
Italian Painter, 1698-1767 Italian painter. He was one of a group of artists working in Bergamo and Brescia who observed reality with an unusual freshness and directness. He painted religious subjects and portraits but was most distinguished as a painter of genre and low-life scenes. These included many pictures of beggars and vagabonds ( pitocchi), hence his nickname 'il Pitocchetto'. He married in Milan in 1717 but settled in Brescia in 1721. In 1723 he received a horse in payment for three altarpieces and four frescoes for the parish church of Rino di Sonico; they were mediocre works executed in an unadventurous blend of Lombard and Venetian traditions derived from contemporary Venetian painters working in Brescia. Ceruti's early portraits and genre scenes are less conventional and more intensely felt; in 1724 he signed and dated the strikingly naturalistic portrait of Giovanni Maria Fenaroli
Still-Life with a Skull jg
Oil on panel, 28 x 37 cm Mus??e de Tess??, Le Mans

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