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Zwinger Waterway
1750 Oil on canvas, 133 x 235 cm Gemäldegalerie, Dresden
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BELLOTTO, Bernardo Zwinger Waterway
BELLOTTO, Bernardo:. Zwinger Waterway
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BELLOTTO, Bernardo:
Italian Rococo Era Painter, ca.1721-1780 Bernardo Bellotto (30 January 1720 ?C 17 October 1780) was an Italian urban landscape painter or vedutista, and printmaker in etching famous for his vedutes of European cities (Dresden, Vienna, Turin and Warsaw). He was the pupil and nephew of Canaletto and sometimes used the latter's illustrious name, signing himself as Bernardo Canaletto ?? fraudulently, according to some. Especially in Germany, paintings attributed to Canaletto may actually be by Bellotto rather than by his uncle; in Poland, they are by Bellotto, who is known there as "Canaletto". Bellotto's style was characterized by elaborate representation of architectural and natural vistas, and by the specific quality of each place's lighting. It is plausible that Bellotto, and other Venetian masters of vedute, may have used the camera obscura in order to achieve superior precision of urban views.
Zwinger Waterway
1750 Oil on canvas, 133 x 235 cm Gemäldegalerie, Dresden

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