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Assumption of Mary
1716 Fresco Benedictine Abbey, Weltenburg
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ASAM, Cosmas Damian Assumption of Mary
ASAM, Cosmas Damian:. Assumption of Mary
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ASAM, Cosmas Damian:
German Baroque Era Sculptor, 1686-1739 Bavarian architects and decorators. After studying in Rome (1711 ?C 13), Cosmas Damian became a prolific fresco painter, and his brother, Egid Quirin, became a sculptor and stuccoist. They developed the effects of dramatic lighting and illusionism originated by Gian Lorenzo Bernini and Andrea Pozzo. Working as a team, they produced magnificent illusionistic decoration in ecclesiastical buildings, combining dramatic lighting and colour. Their works are notable for their profound and dramatic intensity of religious feeling. The brothers became the principal late Baroque exponents of illusionist decoration in religious architecture. Their most notable collaboration is the church of St. John Nepomuk in Munich (1733 ?C 46) ?? known as the Asamkirche in honour of the brothers.
Assumption of Mary
1716 Fresco Benedictine Abbey, Weltenburg

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