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Leda with the Swan
Marble Museo Nazionale del Bargello, Florence
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AMMANATI, Bartolomeo Leda with the Swan
AMMANATI, Bartolomeo:. Leda with the Swan
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AMMANATI, Bartolomeo:
Italian Mannerist Sculptor, 1511-1592 Italian sculptor and architect. He was a major figure in Italian art in the second and third quarters of the 16th century. His extensive travels in north and central Italy gave him an unequalled understanding of developments in architecture and sculpture in the era of Mannerism. His style was based inevitably on the example of Michelangelo but was modified by the suaver work of Jacopo Sansovino. In both sculpture and architecture Ammanati was a highly competent craftsman, and his masterpieces, the tombs of Marco Mantova Benavides and two members of the del Monte family, the Fountains of Juno and Neptune and the courtyard of the Palazzo Pitti, are among the finest works of the period.
Leda with the Swan
Marble Museo Nazionale del Bargello, Florence

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