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Saint Philip
c1380/85 Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris
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Andre Beauneveu Saint Philip
Andre Beauneveu:. Saint Philip
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Andre Beauneveu:
Netherlandish Gothic Era Painter and Sculptor, 1335-ca.1401 Andre Beauneveu was born in Valenciennes. Little is known about his early life and he is first documented in 1360. Four years later, he commissioned to create a collection of royal tombs in Paris for King Charles V. In 1366, Beauneveau left Paris and began working for the Count of Flanders in Courtrai beginning in 1374. Then in 1386, he began working for Jean, Duc de Berry and served him for the rest of his life. Beauneveau was primarily a sculptor, but also produced illuminated manuscripts and stained glass windows. His work was integral to the development of naturalism in the 15th century.
Saint Philip
c1380/85 Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris

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