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Artist: unknow artist
The Rape of Europe
ID::. 63019
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   unknow artist The Rape of Europe   

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unknow artist

ID: 63019 The Rape of Europe 1580 Oil on canvas, 240 x 303 cm Sala di Anticollegio, Palazzo Ducale, Venice Painted between 1576 and 1580, the picture was reported by Zanetti as hanging in its present place in 1755; it was removed by the French in 1797 and taken to Paris, where it was restored and altered. It represents the mythical rape of Europa by Jupiter in the guise of a bull, as she prepares to mount on the god's back with the help of her maids. The action unfolds towards the right in the manner of a stage sequence, in successive scenes down to the final plunge into the waves of the sea. The composition clearly marks the moment of transition from Renaissance Classicism to seventeenth-century Arcadia. The sumptuous decor and rich colouring were to provide a seminal experience for subsequent Baroque painting. Thus the painting initiates the exaltation of the ruling class through court mythology intended to rekindle the aristocracy's love of pomp and circumstance by allegories with which it could identify itself. *** Keywords: ************* Artist: VERONESE, Paolo Painting Title: The Rape of Europe , 1551-1600 Painting Style: Italian , , mythological


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unknow artist