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1500-talet se
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In Vishnudharmottara Purana, Kubera is described as the embodiment of both Artha ("wealth, prosperity, glory") and Arthashastras, treatises related to it and his iconography mirrors it. Kubera's complexion is described as that of lotus leaves. He rides a man - the state personified, adorned in golden clothes and ornaments, symbolizing his wealth. His left eye is yellow. He wears a armour and necklace upto his large belly. His face should be inclined to the left, sporting a beard and moustache and with two small tusks protruding from the ends of his mouth, representing his powers to punish and bestow favours. His wife Riddhi - representing the journey of life - is seated on his left lap, with her left hand on the back of Kubera and right holding a ratna-patra ("jewel-pot"). He should be four-armed, holding a gada (mace - symbol of dandaniti - administration of justice) and a shakti (power) in his left pair and standards bearing a lion - representing artha and a shibika (a club, the weapon of Kubera). The nidhi treasures Padma and Shankha stand besides him in human forms with their heads emerging from a lotus and a conch respectively. Agni Purana states that Kubera should be installed in temples as seated on a goat with club in his hand. Kubera's image is prescribed to be of gold with multi-coloured attributes
1500-talet se

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