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William Wendt Califormia Gold oil painting reproduction

Califormia Gold
kr01 1924 Oil on canvas 20x24inches
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William Wendt
1865-1946 Wendt believed there are philosophical, metaphysical, and theological foundations as to why humankind creates Art. Art becomes a sign in itself that points ultimately towards higher realities than the art object or process manifests in and through itself, courtesy of the artist's knowledge and free-will. Art is an adoration symbol that links the reality of the artist's vision and dream-state to the principles that are nature. Wendt decades in front of nature. William Wendt found a California at the close of the 19th century which is now lost forever due to the effects of industrialism, consumerism and population density. Wendt believed nature was a manifestation of God, and he viewed himself as nature's faithful interpreter. Thom Gianetto of Edenhurst Gallery, Los Angeles, is a specialist in William Wendt.
Califormia Gold
kr01 1924 Oil on canvas 20x24inches

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