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Wilhelm von Kobell Riders on Lake Tegernsee  II oil painting reproduction

Riders on Lake Tegernsee II
1825 Oskar Reinhart Foundation, Winterthur
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Wilhelm von Kobell
1766-1853 German Wilhelm von Kobell Gallery Kobell was born in Mannheim, the son of Ferdinand Kobell, a landscape painter who cited Claude Lorrain as his influence. Wilhelm's initial lessons were supplied by his father and his uncle, Franz Kobell. He received further training under Franz Anton, von Leydendorf and Egid Verhelst in the art of engraving at the Zeichnungsakademie in Mannheim. During this time he practiced various styles, including 17th-century Dutch painting and 18th-century English art. He was supported by Charles Theodore who compensated him an annual sum of 500 florins from 1792 until Theodore's death in 1799. Throughout his life Kobell traveled to England, France and Italy but ultimately based his style on Dutch art.
Riders on Lake Tegernsee II
1825 Oskar Reinhart Foundation, Winterthur

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