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All Wassily Kandinsky Oil Paintings

Wassily Kandinsky Cossacks oil painting reproduction

1910/11 Tate Gallery, London
Wassily Kandinsky3.jpgPainting ID::  2115



All Franz Roubaud Oil Paintings

Franz Roubaud Cossacks oil painting reproduction

oil on canvas Dimensions 52 X 75 cm cyf
new26/Franz Roubaud-334375.jpgPainting ID::  96858



Franz Roubaud
was a Russian painter who created some of the largest and best known panoramic paintings. Roubaud was born on 15 June 1856 in Odessa and attended an art school there. In 1877 he went to Munich, where he studied at the Munich Academy. He then settled in Saint Petersburg, working in the Imperial Academy of Arts and painting huge panorams of historical battles - Storm of Achulgo (1896, Tiflis, now under the restoration in the museun of graphic arts in Makhachkala), Siege of Sevastopol (1854) (unveiled in 1905, damaged during the Siege of Sevastopol (1942), restored in the 1950s), Battle of Borodino (1911, moved to Poklonnaya Hill in Moscow in 1962) and the Russo-Persian War (1804-1813). His works were so large that they had to be exhibited in pavilions specially built for that purpose. In 1913, Roubaud left Russia for Munich, where he died on 13 March 1928.
oil on canvas Dimensions 52 X 75 cm cyf

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