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Francisco Goya Ferdinand VII oil painting reproduction

Ferdinand VII
mk214 1814 Oil on canvas 225.5x124.5cm
new18/Francisco Goya-895278.jpgPainting ID::  50769



All Vicente Lopez Oil Paintings

Vicente Lopez Ferdinand Vii oil painting reproduction

Ferdinand Vii
mk214 1808-11 Oil on canvas 240x116cm
new18/Vicente Lopez-759998.jpgPainting ID::  50773



Vicente Lopez
1772-1850 Spanish Vicente Lopez Gallery was an Argentine writer and politician who acted as interim President of Argentina from July 7, 1827 to August 18, 1827. He also wrote the lyrics of the Argentine National Anthem adopted in May 11, 1813. Lopez began his primary studies in the San Francisco School, and later studied in the Real Colegio San Carlos, today the Colegio Nacional de Buenos Aires. He obtained a doctorate of laws in the University of Chuquisaca. He served as a captain in the Patriotic Regiment during the English invasions. After the Argentine victory he composed a poem entitled El triunfo argentino (The Argentine Triumph). He participated in the Cabildo Abierto of May 22, 1810 and supported the formation of the Primera Junta. He had good relations with Manuel Belgrano. When the royalist members of the city government of Buenos Aires were expulsed, he was elected mayor of the city; he was an enemy of the party of Cornelio Saavedra and one of the creators of the First Triumvirate, of which he was the Treasurer. Lopez was a member of the Constituent Assembly of year XIII, representing Buenos Aires. At the request of the Assembly, he wrote the lyrics to a "patriotic march", which eventually became the Argentine National Anthem. It was a military march, whose music was composed by the Catalan Blas Parera; it was approved on March 11, 1813. The first public reading was at a tertulia on May 7 in the house of Mariquita Sanchez de Thompson. It displaced a different march, written by Esteban de Luca, which would have been the hymn if not for the more militaristic Lopez.
Ferdinand Vii
mk214 1808-11 Oil on canvas 240x116cm

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