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Pietro da Cortona Giorification of the Rule of Urban Vii (nn03) oil painting reproduction

Giorification of the Rule of Urban Vii (nn03)
1633-9 Fresco Palazzo Barberini Rome
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Pietro da Cortona
1596-1669 Italian Pietro da Cortona Galleries Italian painter, draughtsman and architect. He was, together with Gianlorenzo Bernini and Franceso Borromini, one of the three leading artists of the Roman Baroque. As a painter he developed the early Baroque style, initiated by Annibale Carracci, to a magnificent and imposing High Baroque. His fresco decorations set a standard for European Baroque painting until they were eclipsed by Giambattista Tiepolo's works and those of other Venetian masters of the 18th century. As an architect Cortona was far less influential. His imaginative designs for fa?ades and stucco decorations were, however, conclusive and independent solutions to problems central to Roman Baroque architecture.
Giorification of the Rule of Urban Vii (nn03)
1633-9 Fresco Palazzo Barberini Rome

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