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Philipp Otto Runge Die Hulsenbeckschen Kinder oil painting reproduction

Die Hulsenbeckschen Kinder
mk92 130.5x140.5cm
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Philipp Otto Runge
German Romantic Painter, 1777-1810 ..German painter, draughtsman and theorist. He stands alongside Caspar David Friedrich as a leading figure in German Romantic painting even though his early death restricted his oeuvre to relatively few stages of development. The enduring prominence of philosophical and theoretical concerns suggests that further work would have contributed to the history of ideas as well as to that of art. Runge's greatest influence was on later, largely 20th-century artists and thinkers rather than on his immediate contemporaries. While 19th-century developments certainly bore out Runge's claim for a new, symbolic role for landscape,
Die Hulsenbeckschen Kinder
mk92 130.5x140.5cm

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