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VERNET, Claude-Joseph The Artist's Studio oil painting reproduction

The Artist's Studio
52 x 64 cm Private collection The picture shows the artist's as a crowded and social space, where work was more likely to be interrupted by loungers and visitors, fencing matches and dog fights, than by melancholy soul-searching. Yet in fact this is an image of frustration. The fall of Napoleon had left the once-fashionable Vernet bereft of subjects and patrons, and his political views had excluded him from the Paris Salon of 1821. He had been obliged to show in this very studio, including his picture of it as an ironic symbol of the impasse to which he had been brought. Author: VERNET, Horace Title: The Artist's Studio Form: painting , 1801-1850 , French , interior
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Peter Tillemans The Artist's Studio oil painting reproduction

The Artist's Studio
Date c. 1716(1716) Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 68.3 x 84 cm (26.9 x 33.1 in) cjr
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Peter Tillemans
Flemish Painter, ca.1684-1734 was a Flemish painter, best known for his works on sporting and topographical subjects. Alongside John Wootton and James Seymour, he was one of the founders of the English school of sporting painting. From 1708 until his death he lived and worked in England. Tillemans was born in Antwerp in c. 1684, the son of a diamond-cutter, and studied painting there under various masters. As he was the brother-in-law of another Flemish painter, Pieter Casteels, it is assumed that he married before leaving Antwerp. Like other artists from the Low Countries such as Dirk Maas, Jan Wyck and William van de Velde, Tillemans moved to England. In Tillemans's case he moved in 1708, induced to do so by a picture-dealer called Turner: he spent the rest of his life working there. In his Sportsmen in a Landscape (1971), Aubrey Noakes offers this description of Tillemans: If we may judge from his success Tillemans was a socially agreeable and charming man. A portrait of him reveals that he was a gentle, friendly-looking fellow, with long curling hair, presumably his own and not a wig, such as was commonly worn by members of the upper and professional classes in the late eighteenth century. A chronic sufferer of asthma, Tillemans retired to Richmond "on account of his ill state of health". He died at the house of Dr Cox Macro (1683?C1767, later chaplain to George II) in Little Haugh Hall, in Suffolk, on 5 December 1734 (the previous day he "had been busy on a horse portrait") and was buried on 7 December at Stowlangtoft. His collection of paintings had been sold in an auction conducted by Dr Macro on 19 and 20 April 1733 and included paintings by James Tillemans, probably a son or other relation,
The Artist's Studio
Date c. 1716(1716) Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 68.3 x 84 cm (26.9 x 33.1 in) cjr

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