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All Pavel Filonov Oil Paintings

Pavel Filonov Peasant Family oil painting reproduction

Peasant Family
1915 Russian Museum, St.Petersburg
Pavel Filonov1.jpgPainting ID::  1220



All Jean Francois Millet Oil Paintings

Jean Francois Millet Peasant family oil painting reproduction

Peasant family
mk245 1870-1872 110x80.5cm Oil on canvas
new20/Jean Francois Millet-585346.jpgPainting ID::  55869



All unknow artist Oil Paintings

unknow artist peasant family oil painting reproduction

peasant family
mk250 Year in 1640. Oil painting on cloth, about 112 x 158 cm. The Louvre in Paris.
new20/unknow artist-994526.jpgPainting ID::  56885



All Louis Le Nain Oil Paintings

Louis Le Nain Peasant family oil painting reproduction

Peasant family
mk255 for in 1642. Oil painting, 1.13 x 1.59 meters. Paris, the Louvre
new20/Louis Le Nain-572887.jpgPainting ID::  57253



Louis Le Nain
1593-1648 French Louis Le Nain Gallery French family of painters. Antoine Le Nain (b Laon, c. 1600; bur Paris, 26 May 1648) and his brothers Louis Le Nain (b Laon, c. 1600; bur Paris, 24 May 1648) and Mathieu Le Nain (b Laon, c. 1607; bur Paris, 26 April 1677) lived together and shared a studio in Paris. Since the studio was headed by Antoine, he is assumed to have been older than Louis. The brothers reputation rests on a number of paintings signed Le Nain, on the basis of which other paintings (but no drawings) have also been attributed to them. None of the signed paintings bears a Christian name, and there is no secure way of attributing works to the individual brothers, although many attempts have been made. Eighteenth-century sale catalogues, fearful of anonymity, effectively chose from the three names at random. Since the writings of Witt (1910) and Jamot (1922) in particular, it has been habitual to ascribe small paintings on copper to Antoine, and austere, larger peasant scenes to Louis. This division of hands will be found in almost all the subsequent literature on the artists, although it must be stressed that there is no evidence at all to support it. Great efforts have also been made to identify works by Mathieu, since he survived his brothers by nearly 30 years and presumably continued to paint after their deaths in 1648. However, no such activity after 1648 is securely documented, and none of the surviving works bears a date later than 1647; and the arguments for a separate Mathieu oeuvre, though cogent, should not be regarded as conclusive. The outstanding feature of the work of the Le Nain brothers, and the basis of their celebrity since the mid-19th century, is the artists treatment of the poor.
Peasant family
mk255 for in 1642. Oil painting, 1.13 x 1.59 meters. Paris, the Louvre

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