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Paolo  Veronese esther brought before abasuerus oil painting reproduction

esther brought before abasuerus
venice ,s. sebastiano, nave.500x370cm se
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Paolo Veronese
1528-1588 Paolo Veronese Galleries Italian painter and draughtsman. With Titian and Tintoretto he makes up the triumvirate of great painters of the late Renaissance in Venice. He is known as a supreme colourist and for his illusionistic decorations in both fresco and oil. His large paintings of biblical feasts executed for the refectories of monasteries in Venice and Verona are especially celebrated. He also produced many altarpieces, history and mythological paintings and portraits. His compositional sketches in pen, ink and wash, figure studies in chalk, and chiaroscuro modelli and ricordi form a significant body of drawings. He headed a family workshop that remained active after his death.
esther brought before abasuerus
venice ,s. sebastiano, nave.500x370cm se

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