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All William Merritt Chase Oil Paintings

William Merritt Chase The girl oil painting reproduction

The girl
mk124 51.8x41.3cm About 1898
new11/William Merritt Chase-795395.jpgPainting ID::  37345



All Edgar Degas Oil Paintings

Edgar Degas The Girl oil painting reproduction

The Girl
mk128 117x77cm 1879
new11/Edgar Degas-566455.jpgPainting ID::  37749



All Nikolay Fechin Oil Paintings

Russian, 1881-1955
Nikolay Fechin The Girl oil painting reproduction

The Girl
mk211 1911 Oil on canvas 53.9x49.3cm
new18/Nikolay Fechin-757857.jpgPainting ID::  50329



All Marie Laurencin Oil Paintings

Marie Laurencin The Girl oil painting reproduction

The Girl
mk224 Oil on canvas 65x24cm 1925
new19/Marie Laurencin-365767.jpgPainting ID::  52830



All Peter Paul Rubens Oil Paintings

Peter Paul Rubens The Girl oil painting reproduction

The Girl
mk225 1630-1631 47.3x35.4cm
new19/Peter Paul Rubens-355375.jpgPainting ID::  53049



All Berthe Morisot Oil Paintings

Berthe Morisot The Girl oil painting reproduction

The Girl
mk236 1889 oil on canvas 62x52cm
new19/Berthe Morisot-566687.jpgPainting ID::  54659



All Edvard Munch Oil Paintings

Edvard Munch The Girl oil painting reproduction

The Girl
mk241 1896 28.2x21.7cm
new20/Edvard Munch-845828.jpgPainting ID::  55345



All Jean Francois Millet Oil Paintings

Jean Francois Millet The Girl oil painting reproduction

The Girl
mk245 1866-1867 Oil on canvas 66x82.5cm
new20/Jean Francois Millet-497447.jpgPainting ID::  55833



All Jean Francois Millet Oil Paintings

Jean Francois Millet The Girl oil painting reproduction

The Girl
mk245 1864-1865 33x18.5cm Oil on canvas
new20/Jean Francois Millet-248756.jpgPainting ID::  55834



Jean Francois Millet
1814-1875 French Jean Francois Millet Galleries Millet was the first child of Jean-Louis-Nicolas and Aim??e-Henriette-Adelaide Henry Millet, members of the peasant community in the village of Gruchy, in Gr??ville-Hague (Normandy). Under the guidance of two village priests, Millet acquired a knowledge of Latin and modern authors, before being sent to Cherbourg in 1833 to study with a portrait painter named Paul Dumouchel. By 1835 he was studying full-time with Lucien-Th??ophile Langlois, a pupil of Baron Gros, in Cherbourg. A stipend provided by Langlois and others enabled Millet to move to Paris in 1837, where he studied at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts with Paul Delaroche. In 1839 his scholarship was terminated, and his first submission to the Salon was rejected. After his first painting, a portrait, was accepted at the Salon of 1840, Millet returned to Cherbourg to begin a career as a portrait painter. However, the following year he married Pauline-Virginie Ono, and they moved to Paris. After rejections at the Salon of 1843 and Pauline's death by consumption, Millet returned again to Cherbourg. In 1845 Millet moved to Le Havre with Catherine Lemaire, whom he would marry in a civil ceremony in 1853; they would have nine children, and remain together for the rest of Millet's life. In Le Havre he painted portraits and small genre pieces for several months, before moving back to Paris. It was in Paris in the middle 1840s that Millet befriended Constant Troyon, Narcisse Diaz, Charles Jacque, and Theodore Rousseau, artists who, like Millet, would become associated with the Barbizon school; Honor?? Daumier, whose figure draftsmanship would influence Millet's subsequent rendering of peasant subjects; and Alfred Sensier, a government bureaucrat who would become a lifelong supporter and eventually the artist's biographer. In 1847 his first Salon success came with the exhibition of a painting Oedipus Taken down from the Tree, and in 1848 his Winnower was bought by the government.
The Girl
mk245 1864-1865 33x18.5cm Oil on canvas

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