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Nicolas de Largilliere Portrait of Charles-Armand de Gontaut, duc de Biron oil painting reproduction

Portrait of Charles-Armand de Gontaut, duc de Biron
1714(1714) Oil on canvas cjr
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Nicolas de Largilliere
1656-1746 French Nicolas de Largilliere Gallery Nicolas de Largilli??re (October 10, 1656 - March 20, 1746), French painter, was born in Paris. His father, a merchant, took him to Antwerp at the age of three. As a boy, he spent nearly two years in London. Sometime after his return to Antwerp, a failed attempt at business led him to the studio of Goubeau. However, Largilli??re left at the age of eighteen to seek his fortune in England, where he was befriended and employed by Lely, for four years at Windsor. His skills attracted Charles II, who wished to retain him in his service, but the fury aroused by the Rye House Plot against Roman Catholics alarmed Largilli??re. He left for Paris where he was well received by Le Brun and Van der Meulen. Despite his Flemish training as a portrait-painter, his reputation was soon established. Largilli??re's brilliant colour and lively touch attracted celebrities of his day??actresses, public men and popular preachers flocked to his studio. President Lambert, with his beautiful wife and daughter, were among his most noted subjects.
Portrait of Charles-Armand de Gontaut, duc de Biron
1714(1714) Oil on canvas cjr

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