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Luca Giordano The Last Supper by Luca Giordano oil painting reproduction

The Last Supper by Luca Giordano
Oil on Canvas 36 1/2 x 21" cjr
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Luca Giordano
Italian Baroque Era Painter, ca.1634-1705 Italian painter and draughtsman, active also in Spain. He was one of the most celebrated artists of the Neapolitan Baroque, whose vast output included altarpieces, mythological paintings and many decorative fresco cycles in both palaces and churches. He moved away from the dark manner of early 17th-century Neapolitan art as practised by Caravaggio and his followers and Jusepe de Ribera, and, drawing on the ideas of many other artists, above all the 16th-century Venetians and Pietro da Cortona, he introduced a new sense of light and glowing colour, of movement and dramatic action.
The Last Supper by Luca Giordano
Oil on Canvas 36 1/2 x 21" cjr

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