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Luca  Giordano The Dream of Solomon (nn03) oil painting reproduction

The Dream of Solomon (nn03)
c 1693 Oil on canvas 245 x 361 cm 96 1/2 x 142 in Museo del Prado Madrid
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Luca Giordano
1632-1705 Italian Luca Giordano Gallery Charles II of Spain towards 1687 invited him over to Madrid, where he remained for 10 years (1692-1702). In Spain, he produced works for the Royal Palace of Madrid, the Buen Retiro palace, El Escorial, Toledo, and other sites. Giordano was popular at the Spanish court, and the king granted him title as a "caballero". One anecdote of Giordano's speed at painting is that, he was once asked by the Queen of Spain what his wife looked like. On the spot, he painted his wife into the picture before him for the Queen. In Spain he executed numerous works, continuing in the Escorial the series commenced by Cambiasi, and painting frescoes of the Triumphs of the Church, the Genealogy and Life of the Madonna, the stories of Moses, Gideon, David and the Celebrated Women of Scripture, all works of large dimensions. His Dream of Solomon (1693, now at Prado) dates from this period. His pupils, Aniello Rossi and Matteo Pacelli, assisted him in Spain. In Madrid he worked more in oil-colour, a Nativity there being one of his best productions.
The Dream of Solomon (nn03)
c 1693 Oil on canvas 245 x 361 cm 96 1/2 x 142 in Museo del Prado Madrid

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