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Lovis Corinth Nana, Female Nude oil painting reproduction

Nana, Female Nude
1911(1911) Medium oil on canvas cjr
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Lovis Corinth
German Painter, 1858-1925 German painter and writer. He grew up on his family's farm and tannery. As a child he showed interest in art, taking informal lessons in drawing from a local carpenter and caricaturing his primary school teachers. Corinth's father sent him to secondary school in the nearby city of K?nigsberg (now Kaliningrad), where he lived with his widowed aunt. A superstitious woman fond of story-telling, she possessed what Corinth later described as a coarse temperament and an unrestrained, 'demonic' humour. These qualities and his aunt's bohemian acquaintances, including fortune-tellers and soothsayers, fascinated the young Corinth, accustomed to his more reserved parents.
Nana, Female Nude
1911(1911) Medium oil on canvas cjr

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