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All Henry Salem Hubble Oil Paintings

1870-1949 Henry Salem Hubble Galleries
Henry Salem Hubble Tea Time oil painting reproduction

Tea Time
Henry Salem Hubble4.jpgPainting ID::  4199



All Marie Bracquemond Oil Paintings

Marie Bracquemond Tea Time oil painting reproduction

Tea Time
mk235 1880 Oil on canvas 81.5x61.5cm
new19/Marie Bracquemond-229372.jpgPainting ID::  54037



All Louis Lcart Oil Paintings

Louis Lcart Tea time oil painting reproduction

Tea time
mk286 23 x 34 cm 1933
new21/Louis Lcart-524326.jpgPainting ID::  63478



All Jan Josef Horemans the Elder Oil Paintings

Jan Josef Horemans the Elder Tea Time oil painting reproduction

Tea Time
18th century Oil on canvas 51 x 58 cm
new23/Jan Josef Horemans the Elder-459933.jpgPainting ID::  71775



Jan Josef Horemans the Elder
1682-1759 Dutch Jan Josef Horemans Galleries He was a pupil of the sculptor Michiel van der Voort I and then of the Dutch painter Jan van Pee (before 1640-1710), who was active in Antwerp. Horemans joined the Guild of St Luke in 1706-7. He appears to have followed in the footsteps of the 17th-century Flemish genre painters, executing a few portraits and a large number of small anecdotal pictures that were highly prized on the market. In paintings such as the Village School and the Cobbler's Shop (both 1712; Vienna, Ksthist. Mus.), the Musical Company (1715; Brunswick, Herzog Anton Ulrich-Mus.) and the Card-players (Florence, Uffizi) he represented scenes from contemporary everyday life that combine observation with a certain degree of stiffness. Most of his paintings are signed. In 1746, together with his son Jan Josef Horemans II, he painted the Abbot of St Michel Visiting the Order of the Fencing Oath (Antwerp, Kon. Mus. S. Kst.).
Tea Time
18th century Oil on canvas 51 x 58 cm

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