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LIPPI, Filippino The Marriage of St Catherine gwt oil painting reproduction

The Marriage of St Catherine gwt
1501 Panel S. Domenico, Bologna
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LIPPI, Filippino
Italian Early Renaissance Painter, ca.1457-1504 Son of Filippo Lippi. He was a painter of altarpieces, cassone panels and frescoes and also an exceptional draughtsman. His success lay in his ability to absorb, without slavishly following, the most popular trends in contemporary painting. He worked in Florence and Rome at a time when patrons were beginning to intermingle personal, religious, social and political ideals in their ambitions for palaces and chapels: with the support of wealthy and erudite patrons, such as Lorenzo de' Medici and Filippo Strozzi, he won important civic and private commissions.
The Marriage of St Catherine gwt
1501 Panel S. Domenico, Bologna

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