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Karoly Ferenczy Boys Throwing Pebbles into the River oil painting reproduction

Boys Throwing Pebbles into the River
1890 Hungarian National Gallery
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Karoly Ferenczy
1863-1917 Karoly Ferenczy Locations was a Hungarian Impressionist painter. He was one of the leading artists of the Nagybanya school of painting. He studied law and economics. He began to deal with painting at the Academie Julian in Paris. In 1889, he moved back to Hungary, to the town of Szentendre. Between 1893 and 1896 he lived in Munich with his family: There he joined the circle of Simon Hollosy: with whom he moved to Nagybanya in 1896 and became the leading painter of the artist colony. After 1906 he moved to Budapest and became the professor of the College of Fine Arts. His wife Olga Fialka and their children, the painter Valer Ferenczy (1885-1954), the tapestry weaver Noemi Ferenczy (1890-1957) and the sculptor Beni Ferenczy (1890- 1967) were famous representatives of Hungarian art.
Boys Throwing Pebbles into the River
1890 Hungarian National Gallery

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