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Julius Kronberg jaktnymf och fauner oil painting reproduction

jaktnymf och fauner
1875. nationalmuseum se
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Julius Kronberg
1850-1921,Swedish painter and illustrator. He was educated at the Konstakademi in Stockholm, where his teachers were J. C. Boklund (1817-80), August Malmstr?m and Johan Fredrik H?ckert. In 1873 he travelled on a scholarship to D?sseldorf, and in the following year he went to Munich. There he was strongly influenced by the Old Masters (especially Rubens), as well as Hans Makart robustly theatrical style. Together they shaped Kronberg early works, for example Hunting Nymph and Fauns (1875; Stockholm, Nmus.), which caused a sensation when it was exhibited in Stockholm in 1876 and established his reputation. Kronberg left Munich in 1877 and settled in Rome, where, between trips to Egypt and Tunisia, he stayed until 1889, when he returned to Stockholm. During his years in Rome his style became increasingly austere. His exuberant Munich manner was replaced by a colder illusionism, which emphasized the historical details of subjects taken from the Bible and Shakespeare. Typical is David and Saul (1885; Stockholm, Nmus.), which reflected his study of Lawrence Alma-Tadema.
jaktnymf och fauner
1875. nationalmuseum se

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