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Jose  del Castillo The Seller of Fans oil painting reproduction

The Seller of Fans
1786 Oil on canvas 95x149cm
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Jose del Castillo
1737-1793 Spanish Jose del Castillo Location a Spanish painter and a leader of the artistic movement Illustrious Absolutism. Many of his paintings were done on tapestries. Castillo made many attempts to become Royal Painter for the Spanish monarchy, but he was never successful. This was not due to a lack of talent, but rather because Castillo allied himself with the wrong noble. His patron, the Earl of Floridablanca, feuded bitterly with the Earl of Aranda. The Earl of Aranda was favored by King Carlos III, and as a result, Ram??n Bayeu (Aranda favorite painter) became Royal Painter. After Carlos III died, Castillo tried again to become Royal Painter. Unfortunately, the new monarch, Carlos IV, decided to leave the position of Royal Painter vacant.
The Seller of Fans
1786 Oil on canvas 95x149cm

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