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John Wesley Jarvis Thomas Paine John Wesley Jarvis oil painting reproduction

Thomas Paine John Wesley Jarvis
Oil on canvas, c. 1805 cjr
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John Wesley Jarvis
(1781 - January 14, 1839), American painter, nephew of Methodist leader John Wesley, was born at South Shields, England, and was taken to the United States at the age of five. He was one of the earliest American painters to give serious attention to the study of anatomy. He lived at first in Philadelphia, afterwards establishing himself in New York City, where he enjoyed great popularity, though his conviviality and eccentric mode of life affected his work. He visited Baltimore, Charleston, and New Orleans, entertaining much and painting portraits of prominent people, particularly in New Orleans, where General Andrew Jackson was one of his sitters. He had for assistants at different times both Thomas Sully and Henry Inman. He affected singularity in dress and manners, and his mots were the talk of the day. But his work deteriorated, and he died in great poverty in New York City.
Thomas Paine John Wesley Jarvis
Oil on canvas, c. 1805 cjr

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