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Johann Moritz Rugendas Indian Hut in the Village of Jalcomulco oil painting reproduction

Indian Hut in the Village of Jalcomulco
mk141 1831 Oil on cardboard 20.7x27cm
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Johann Moritz Rugendas
Augsburg 1802-1858 Weilheim an der Teck,was a German painter, famous for his works depicting landscapes and ethnographic subjects in several countries in the Americas, in the first half of the 19th century. Rugendas was born to the seventh generation of a family of noted painters and engravers of Augsburg (he was a grandson of Georg Philipp Rugendas, 1666-1742, a celebrated painter of battles), and studied drawing and engraving with his father, Johann Lorenz Rugendas II (1775-1826). From 1815 to 1817 he studied with Albrecht Adam (1786-1862), and later in the Academy de Arts of Munich, with Lorenzo Quaglio II (1793-1869). Inspired by the artistic work of Thomas Ender (1793-1875) and the travel accounts in the tropics by Austrian naturalists Johann Baptist von Spix (1781-1826) and Carl von Martius (1794-1868), Rugendas arrived in Brazil in 1821, where he was soon hired as an illustrator for Baron von Langsdorff's scientific expedition to Minas Gerais and Sao Paulo. Langsdorff was the consul-general of the Russian Empire in Brazil and had a farm in the northern region of Rio de Janeiro, where Rugendas went to live with other members of the expedition. In this capacity, Rugendas visited the Serra da Mantiqueira and the historical towns of Barbacena, Sao Joao del Rei, Mariana, Ouro Preto, Caete, Sabara and Santa Luzia.
Indian Hut in the Village of Jalcomulco
mk141 1831 Oil on cardboard 20.7x27cm

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