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Johann Jakob Ulrich Seaside Terrace near Naples oil painting reproduction

Seaside Terrace near Naples
mk141 1828-30 Oil on paper mounted on wood 22.5x36.5cm
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Johann Jakob Ulrich
impression atist 28 Feb 1798 -- 17 March 1877. Swiss painter. He first studied under his father and then in Paris in 1822 in the studio of Jean-Victor Bertin. As a student he concentrated on unusual lighting effects in his landscape paintings well before they became a hallmark of the precursors of the Impressionists. In 1824 at the Salon in Paris he first saw paintings by Constable. On a trip to Italy in 1828 he did studies en plein air as preliminary sketches for his studio paintings. His early paintings emphasize brilliant colour, low horizons and scientific observation of cloud formations in a manner similar to Constable's studies, which he actually saw on visits to England in 1832 and 1835. Like Eugene Boudin, Ulrich was interested in poetic evocations of sun, water and effects of atmosphere rather than in the precise delineations of topography typical of Swiss art of that period. From 1824 he showed regularly at the Salons in Paris and in 1837 he returned to Zurich. Because the Swiss public was reluctant to accept his freer,
Seaside Terrace near Naples
mk141 1828-30 Oil on paper mounted on wood 22.5x36.5cm

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