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Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres The Murder of the Duke of Guise (mk05) oil painting reproduction

The Murder of the Duke of Guise (mk05)
1834 Oil on canvas, 57x98cm Musee Conde,Chantilly
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Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres
J. A. D. Ingres (1780-1867) was born in Montauban on August 29, 1780, the son of an unsuccessful sculptor and painter. French painter. He was the last grand champion of the French classical tradition of history painting. He was traditionally presented as the opposing force to Delacroix in the early 19th-century confrontation of Neo-classicism and Romanticism, but subsequent assessment has shown the degree to which Ingres, like Neo-classicism, is a manifestation of the Romantic spirit permeating the age. The chronology of Ingres's work is complicated by his obsessive perfectionism, which resulted in multiple versions of a subject and revisions of the original. For this reason, all works cited in this article are identified by catalogue.
The Murder of the Duke of Guise (mk05)
1834 Oil on canvas, 57x98cm Musee Conde,Chantilly

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