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Jan van de Cappelle Seascape with Sailing Boats oil painting reproduction

Seascape with Sailing Boats
after 1652(1652) Medium oil on canvas cyf
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Jan van de Cappelle
1624-1679 Dutch Jan van de Cappelle Locations Dutch businessman, collector, painter, draughtsman and etcher. Though now considered the outstanding marine painter of 17th-century Holland, he was not a professional artist nor a member of the Amsterdam Guild of St Luke. His father owned a successful dye-works in Amsterdam, in which both Jan and his brother Louis were active. Their father enjoyed a long life and probably managed the firm until close to his death in 1674, when Jan inherited it. This left Jan with plenty of spare time to pursue his hobby, painting. He married Annetje Jansdr. (Anna Grotingh) before 1653. He died a widower, survived by his seven children, who inherited his considerable fortune. His last will shows that in addition to the dye-works and immense cash assets, van de Cappelle owned extensive properties and an art collection that must be rated among the most important of his time.
Seascape with Sailing Boats
after 1652(1652) Medium oil on canvas cyf

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