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Full resolution‎ (772 X 880 pixels, file size: 110 KB, MIME type: image/jpeg) Juno Receiving the Head of Argos
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Carl jun. Oesterley Full resolution oil painting reproduction

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Oil on canvas 70 x 111 cm.
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Carl jun. Oesterley
(January 23, 1839 - December 16, 1930) was a German landscape painter who was a native of Göttingen. He was the son of painter Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Oesterley (1805-1891). He attended classes at the Polytechnikum in Hannover and, beginning 1857, at the Kunstakademie (Art Academy) in Dusseldorf where he studied religious painting under Ernst Deger. During a visit to Lebeck in 1865, where he copied Hans Memling's Passion, he made some attempts at architectural and landscape painting. These turned out so well that from then on he dedicated himself to landscape painting. Beginning in 1870 he focused his artistic efforts mainly on Norwegian landscapes, for which he devoted several study trips. He lived in Hamburg and received a first-class medal from the Menchener Ausstellung.
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Oil on canvas 70 x 111 cm.

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