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JORDAENS, Jacob Portrait of a Young Married Couple dg oil painting reproduction

Portrait of a Young Married Couple dg
1615-1620 Oil on panel Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
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Flemish painter (b. 1593, Antwerpen, d. 1678, Antwerpen). Flemish painter, tapestry designer and draughtsman. In the context of 17th-century Flemish art, he emerges as a somewhat complicated figure. His oeuvre, the fruit of a continual artistic development, is characterized by great stylistic versatility, to which the length of his career contributed. His religious, mythological and historical representations evolved from the rhetorical prolixity of the Baroque into a vernacular, sometimes almost caricatural, formal idiom. The lack of idealistic treatment in his work is undoubtedly the factor that most removed Jordaens's art from that of his great Flemish contemporaries Rubens and van Dyck. Jordaens's officially commissioned works included many paintings in which the sublimity of the subject-matter clashed with the vulgarity of some of his figures. Unlike Rubens and van Dyck, both of whom were knighted in the course of their careers, Jordaens was, in fact, completely ignored by the courts of Spain and Brussels
Portrait of a Young Married Couple dg
1615-1620 Oil on panel Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

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