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Hugo Birger Vid bryggan, Lysekil oil painting reproduction

Vid bryggan, Lysekil
1885(1885) Oil on canvas 44.5 X 59 cm (17.52 X 23.23 in) cjr
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Hugo Birger
Swedish, 1854-1887 Swedish painter. He studied at the Konstakademi in Stockholm from 1871 to 1877. In 1877 he went to Paris and then spent the summer of 1878 at Barbizon with Carl Larsson, among others. There he painted several spontaneous plein-air paintings, such as Rue Gabrielle (1879; Goteborg, Kstmus.), in which the grey tones are contrasted realistically with exquisite colours. He also painted scenes of Parisian life, such as The Toilette (1880; two sketches in Stockholm, Nmus.), which aroused the interest of his contemporaries when it was exhibited at the Salon that year. Birger art was always conventional in style, allied to French salon painting. He was a master of technique and a brilliant subject painter, creating such scenes as In the Bower (c. 1880; Stockholm, Nmus.).
Vid bryggan, Lysekil
1885(1885) Oil on canvas 44.5 X 59 cm (17.52 X 23.23 in) cjr

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