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HOOGSTRATEN, Samuel van View of a Corridor af oil painting reproduction

View of a Corridor af
1662 Oil on canvas, 260 x 140 cm National Trust, Dyrham Park
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Dutch Baroque Era Painter, 1627-1678 Dutch painter, draughtsman, engraver and writer. His multi-faceted art and career testify amply to the unflagging ambition attributed to him as early as 1718 by his pupil and first biographer, Arnold Houbraken. During his lifetime van Hoogstraten was recognized as a painter, poet, man of letters, sometime courtier and prominent citizen of his native city of Dordrecht, where he served for several years as an official of the Mint of Holland. Today he is remembered not only as a pupil and early critic of Rembrandt, but also as a versatile artist in his own right. His diverse oeuvre consists of paintings, drawings and prints whose subjects range from conventional portraits, histories and genre pictures to illusionistic experiments with trompe-l'oeil still-lifes, architectural perspectives and perspective boxes.
View of a Corridor af
1662 Oil on canvas, 260 x 140 cm National Trust, Dyrham Park

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